Even recently, reports show that companies take an average of 200 days to discover a security breach. The longer this delay, the more costly it is to fix.

Our Managed Detection and Response service provides 24×7 real-time threat monitoring, analysis and mitigation. Beginning with establishing full visibility on your infrastructure, our value lies in constantly fine-tuning detection capabilities according to your organization’s baseline, and the thorough investigation of identified threats.


Despite the strictest implementation of security controls, an organization is never 100% protected from security risk. Often, breaches happen faster than defenses are installed, and can go unnoticed for long periods of time.

Our Compromise Assessment service focuses on conducting an objective survey of your network and devices. Through intelligence-driven analyses, our goal is to discover anomalies or Indicators of Compromise that may already be existing in the organization.


Being breached is no longer a question of if, but when, and the most unsuspecting companies make the easiest targets. Once compromised, financial and reputational losses can be immeasurable.

Our Incident Response service delivers an immediate and organized approach to security incident management. Our team of Certified Incident Handlers facilitates containment to recovery, performing specialized tasks such as disk and network forensics. Concluding with a Root Cause Analysis, the lessons learned from this engagement become a valuable source of strategic and tactical activities to improve your overall security posture.


Vulnerabilities at the source code level are a less-noticeable, therefore typical, entry point for attacks. As companies compete to be first-to-market, security flaws in code become more common.

Our Source Code Audit service aims to identify vulnerabilities during an application’s development phase. Going beyond tool-based analysis, we perform manual inspection of code to spot logic bombs, backdoors, and the like. With proper remediation, this helps ensure that the products you bring to customers are made with their privacy and safety in mind.


When it comes to frequency and depth of security tests conducted on a system, regulatory compliance is never enough. Threats will always find ways to expose and exploit vulnerabilities.

Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test service validates the effectivity of your company’s existing security controls. Simulating a real-world attack, our goal is to uncover weaknesses that can easily evade automated scanners, and determine the extent of damage that a threat can cause to your application, system or network.